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Honda BF8

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Get excellent performance in a lightweight, compact package. Perfect for inflatables, sailboats or as a kicker for larger fishing boats, the BF8 gives you the convenience of the Fold-Down Tiller Handle, the peace of mind of the Engine Alert System and high-output charging, which helps maintain battery charge or keep electronics going.

Sale Type
Engine Size
222 cc
Gear Ratio
Gear Shift
Tilt Range
Trim Range
5-Stage 4°-8°-12°-16°- 20°
Engine Type
4-Stroke SOHC; 2 Cylinders / 4 Valves
Oil Capacity
1.30 L (1.14 Imp. qt) with oil filter repl.
Bore & Stroke
58 mm x 42 mm (2.28 x 1.65 in.)
Fuel Delivery
1 Carburetor
Overall Width
345 mm / 13.6 in.
Cooling System
Water Cooled
Propeller Type
4-Blade (Aluminum)
Recommended Oil
SAE 10W30 API service classification SJ or later
Starting System
S-Type Dry Weight
42 kg / 93 lbs.
Oil Pressure Alert
Full Throttle RPM Range
4,500-5,500 RPM
Transom Height (S-Type)
432 mm / 17.0 in.
Propshaft Rated Horsepower (HP)
8 hp @ 5,000 RPM
 Performance and Efficiency
Honda Four-Stroke Engine Design
 The BF8s utilize a, twin cylinder, in-line, OHC design powerhead. World-renowned Honda quality combines proven reliability, quiet operation, low emissions and superior fuel efficiency, with no gas-oil mixing.
Complete Engine-Management System
 Electronically controlled monitoring system protects the engine components from over-revving, low engine-oil pressure and overheating.
Pendulum-Motion Vibration Dampening
 An exclusive Honda feature, the pendulum-motion mounting system for the powerhead helps absorb the vibration, including longitudinal vibration, which was difficult to reduce successfully by conventional rubber mounts. The pendulum mount does this without the use of a heavy balancer shaft, which also significantly reduces overall weight.
Increased Reverse Thrust
When reversing, the exhaust gases are diverted through additional exhaust relief ports above the cavitation plate, allowing the propeller to back up into clean, bubble-free water, thereby increasing reverse thrust.
 Reliability and Durability
Regulated Charging System
 A high-quality regulator/rectifier is standard on all models to prevent overcharging the battery.
Fresh Water Flushport
Allows easy hook-up to fresh water supply to flush debris and salt water out of the engine, extending the life of the outboard (optional Flush Kit required).
Shallow-Water Drive
Allows you to run in shallow water with the engine raised to reduce the risk of damage to the lower gearcase.
Ultra Low 3-Star CARB Emissions
Environmentally conscious technology. All Honda Marine engines exceed the highest CARB 3-Star rating to meet the rigorous California Air Resource Board's standards.
Three-Year Warranty
The best outboards are backed by the best warranty, 3 years parts and labour.
 Convenience and Ease of Use
Lightweight, Rounded Design
Easy to transport, ideal for 10-12 ft. fishing boats, inflatables or for auxiliary sail and trolling power. Also, the BF8's rounded ergonomics won't catch fishing lines as easily.
High-Output Charging System
All electric-start models are fitted with a high-output charging system that will deliver 6 amps at only 3,000 rpm to keep your electronics working and batteries charged (models with electric-start not offered in Canada).
Easy-Pull Starting
The programmed-ignition system sets the ignition system during start-up to reduce the effort required to pull start the engine. Also, PGM-IG ignition provides reliable starts and optimum ignition timing, enhancing running performance and fuel economy across the entire speed range.
Forward-Mounted Shift Lever
Allows more control and comfort in shifting.
Quick-Twist Throttle Friction Adjuster
 A simple twist of the throttle friction collar located right at the throttle grip allows you to adjust the throttle tension up or down, minimizing driver fatigue.
Front-Mounted Steering-Friction Adjuster
 A new quick-adjust lever design located just above the transom bracket allows for precise adjustments at your fingertips.
Integrated Carrying Handle
 A convenient, foldaway carry handle is situated at the exact horizontal balance point of the engine so that the engine carries more easily in a level position.
Long Tiller Handle
The BF8 tiller models use a long tiller handle for increased control and reduced steering effort. The tiller handle is also made of a new lightweight composite for increased strength and weight reduction.
Standard Fuel Tank and Propeller
A 12-litre fuel tank, fuel hose and aluminum propeller are included as standard equipment.




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