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Race Tech Suspension upgrades Alberta

The Science of Suspension

Race Tech Suspension upgrades Alberta

“The best you’ve ridden is the best you know.” - Paul Thede

Paul Thede is the Founder and Chief Engineer of Race Tech Inc, which was founded in 1984. Paul is a rider, racer, suspension expert and a pioneer of suspension tuning with a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering.

Race Tech uses over 36 years of experience to create fine-tuned custom suspension set-ups tailored to each individual rider. Multiple components determine each individuals customized set-up:

  • Height
  • Weight
  • Age
  • Riding type(s)
  • Skill level
  • Fuel tank size
  • Whether the bike has been lowered or is going to be lowered
  • Whether it needs or has spring conversions or not
  • Spring stiffness preference

All of these factors are correlated and once determined, they are calculated to create a blueprint unique to each individual. This is then entered into Race Tech’s Digital Valving Search™ (DVS) which unlocks a custom rider formula that is within an average of 2% perfection rate.

Race Tech’s Gold Valves Ⓡ are custom valving kits, invented by Paul that are designed to reduce piston restriction so harshness is dramatically reduced.

This allows the valving stack to be personally tailored to the rider.

Race Tech Suspension upgrades Alberta

When motorcycles and dirt bikes come from the factory they have suspension that is set-up for the “average rider” which is based on what the manufacturers believe the target consumers within the market will be. They often choose an average weight, height, age and skill level to determine the suspension valving and spring rates.

Having a suspension set-up that is unique to the individual can actually, dramatically, improve their overall riding experience by:

  • Having proper ride height
  • Better handling and predictability
  • Maximized traction and/or tire grip

There are also benefits to the rider which include improved bike control and feel, less rider fatigue and giving the rider confidence in themselves and their bike to excel at whatever type of riding/racing they are doing.

“If you want to become a great suspension tuner, you will need to be many things: a detective, a salesman, a psychiatrist, a technician and most of all, a student.” - Paul Thede

Turple Bros in-house qualified Race Tech Technician & Shop Foreman, Justin Slaunwhite, has been a professional motorcycle mechanic since 2008. Justin is a Journeyman Red Seal and a KTM Orange Level Service Technician. Justin has attended the full Race Tech Suspension training in California which was instructed by Paul Thede himself.

Justin is a passionate rider and racer and has been since a young age. With experience in Off-Road Hare Scramble/Enduro racing, ATV Motocross racing and ATV ice oval & dirt oval racing. He is also a 5 time finisher of the Numb Bum 24 hour endurance ice race.

Experience and training can go a long way when providing quality suspension work. No matter if you are racing at the highest level, or just throwing your leg over your first bike, Race Tech has a set-up for you.

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